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3 Listings in 25 Days (one being $1.2MM) - Brandon Success Story

$540K Listing & 8 Listing Appointments in 30 days - Joe Success Story

$775K Listing Signed, $22K GCI & Another Listing in Pipeline in 30 Days - Alex Success Story

2 Listings Signed & 1 Deal Closed in less than 60 days - Kristen Success Story

$300K Listing + 4 More Sellers in Pipeline - Chris Success Story

5 Listing Appointments in 15 days - Gibson Success Story

$700K Potential Listing & 4 Appointments in 10 Days - Yisroel Success Story

$90K GCI Pipeline in 60 Days - Mohammed Success Story

65+ Appointments in 90 Days - Jermaine Success Story

$1.25MM in Sales in Just 3 Months! 3x'ed His Investment - Adam Success Story

$5.14MM in Sales from 5 Listings in 4 Months - Jodi Success Story

$5.84MM Volume & $175K GCI from 6 Listings - Sharon Success Story

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